Stop saying that wrongly. Genre of misunderstandings about software

People often misuse the terms open-source software and free software, but these terms literally mean different things. Some pedantic people would say:

A program is free software if the program’s users have the four essential freedoms.

However, you just got started but didn’t ferret out more information. 

Source-available software is never considered to be free, but most open-source software is free .

First, there are decades of licenses around the world or even more. Please see Parabola GNU/Linux-libre blacklist: . You’ll find that Oracle VM VirtualBox is blacklisted because it suggests non-free compiler and offers non-free documentation. The compiler is open-source but not free, because of its license. Sybase Open Watcom Public License 1.0 prevents users from using a modified version privately, the License is 1.0, there isn’t a newer version yet. For more information, see . The free software foundation announced that GPL is free but sybase license is not. Open-source initiative suggests people sybase license; open-source initiative never cares about freedoms.

What if GPL were the only license on the Earth? Is open-source software equal to free software? Nope! They’re still different. Developers can upload source code without mentioning a license, therefore, that source code is non-free. DRM, the abbreviation of  digital restrictions management, isn’t free. See . Moreover, SGI STL wasn’t free. DRM can also mean direct rendering manager, which is free software; you must see the full name before considering whether it’s free or not.

Richard Matthew Stallman, also written as RMS, said: You should say GNU slash Linux and otherwise write GNU/Linux. The word slash is needed when speaking but not writing. It gives people different vibes if you don’t say the word slash.

I myself, NOT RMS, think that Linux kernel is wrong. Android kernel means the kernel developed by Google, windows kernel means the kernel developed by Microsoft. Obviously, Linux kernel means the kernel in a kernel. You should say the single word Linux to refer to the kernel.

No, the dismissal was not because of her gender. .

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